Metal badges

  One of the spheres of activities of SIA „FOKUSS-F” is manufacturing different kind of badges and pins of diverse complexity applying modern technologies and materials. It implies the production of metal badges and pins (award badges [lapel pins], academic and achievement badges, membership badges, plaques (memorial tokens), school badges, sports badges, anniversary badges and badges at wedding) with the production of special shapes, matrices, etc.

In this case the price for specially ordered badges and pins is determined individually and the production period may be about a month. 

As an additional service our designers and experts are able to develop a technical model of a badge according to verbal description, logotype, hand-drawn sketch or to a picture, which is the most suitable to the given objectives, looks effectively and is comfortable to wear. 

Finished ordered badges and pins are packed into small plastic bags, as well as on a customer’s order  can be packed into gift boxes of various types.  

If you need an urgent production of metal badges at the moderate price, we recommend to refer to the section “Metal Badges from Standard Blanks”

It is possible to receive an answer relating to the terms of manufacture by phone numbers +371-67468897

 mob.:371-29495156 or by e-mail: