Metal pins

If pins on order do not suit you (for example, price and/or the term of production), metal pins  from blanks are offered as an alternative solution, which samples are given in tables on the page. These pins are about 1.1mm thick.  
Process technology. The required multi-coloured image is printed on a pins with a diversified basic background: gold, silver, white colour, pearl, etc. Then a drawing on the pin is covered with a transparent varnish, performing the decorative and protective functions.

Pins made from standard blanks have a very attractive look and as to the price are much cheaper of ordered  pins, as do not require the production of any auxiliary equipment. This advantage is essential when you need an urgent order of the pins: the time-limits of manufacturing pins on the basis of standard blanks are 2 – 4  working days, subject to the ordered quantity.

If there are no pins of the required shape in the proposed list, then the ordered pins can be made quickly, applying auxiliary equipment according to the specified technology.

There are used ‘”butterfly”’ like clamps or a pin with the protective cap to fix the pins.

Preices in EUR,

5-49 2,85 2,85 2,85 2,85 2,60
50-99 2,70 2,70 2,70 2,70 2,45
100-499 2,55 2,55 2,55 2,55 2,35
Over 500 2,30 2,30 2,30 2,30 2,10
5-49 2,60 2,60 3,05 2,60
50-99 2,45 2,45 2,85 2,45
100-499 2,35 2,35 2,70 2,35
Over 500 2,10 2,10 2,45 2,10