Paper, films

Our company offers labels and stickers of various size and shape, which differ depending on sealing materials and methods of print. 

We offer labels and stickers with so-called lenticular effect and the brand new type - fuzzy stickers. 

Whereas many manufacturers make lenticular labels reaching several centimetres in size, we offer large-size stickers (of ten centimetres and more) with a enticular effect for exterior and interior advertising. We have 5 types of resin and more than 20 types of pigment at our disposal (such as "moonstone", "Inca gold", "mother-of-pearl", "fluorescent" and others, whose use makes the image considerably more effective). 

Fuzzy stickers represent a brand new product for exterior and interior advertising. The stickers have a self-adhesive base. The exterior side is covered with nap from 0.5 mm to 4 mm high. Such stickers get immediate attraction due to their brightness and appeal. We offer ready-made fuzzy stickers and custom-made stickers. We have a wide range of colours at our disposal.