Flexible sheet magnet

Flexible sheet magnet, which has become very popular worldwide owing to its remarkable qualities, is gradually gaining popularity in the market of the Baltic States too. Taxi-drivers and security companies were the first ones who appreciated the handiness of this material, so they have been our customers for a number of years. The simplicity, convenience and diversity of application of this material are amazing. Production of a one-colour or multi-colour sticker as a logotype or advertisement of an optional shape requires little time. When the sticker is ready you may place it on any metal surface of your vehicle and drive up and down the roads advertising what you want to. When there is no longer need to advertise, you may carefully remove the sticker and leave it in the boot until next time. Placing and removing such stickers will in no way affect the coating of your vehicle. 

Apart from being used in production of vehicle stickers, the sheet magnet is also used for making calendars, business cards, promotional and greeting cards and souvenirs, which can all be placed on a fridge, a safe or a metal cabinet, a computer, etc. 

To make the products from flexible sheet magnet more appealing and attractive, we cover them with transparent or toned enamel, which gives lenticular effect to the images. Sometimes we also flock the surface.